The Mini Israel Park

Where else can you see the whole country in one day? From Jerusalem's holy sites to the desert's magnificent views and then straight to the bustle of Tel Aviv? This experience is possible only in one place: the Mini Israel Park.

With hundreds of amazingly exact models of the most important architectural, historic, archeological, religious and social sites of Israel, including 25,000 7cm high miniature residents within the models themselves!

Mini Israel is an exciting attraction that features over 385 beautifully crafted exact replica models of Israel's most important historical, religious, archeological and modern sites, at a scale of 1:25.

The models are situated among rich greenery, Bonsai trees and thousands of miniature figures of all types Israeliss.

NEW!! Enjoy our 3D MiniMax aerial movie of Israeli sites. Re-discover Israel and see its landscapes in a way you've never seen them before. Breathtaking photography, spectacular angles and Israeli landscapes – all in 3D .

Summer activities

Night experiences for the whole family at the most magical park in the country!

All year long you've been waiting for this – in July and August, the park open its doors at nighttime (5PM – 10PM)

And you get to see the miniatures like you've never seen before!

Activities for August

"The story of two friends" – an exclusive play for the park – what happens when the park has a secret hiding place, and how does it relate to a brave and true friendship? (6:30PM, in Hebrew)

Wood, paper and scissors – a workshop in which we will prepare, paint and draw, and most important – we will leave with a personal and unique souvenir from the visit to the park!

Twilight tour – Among the miniatures illuminated by spectacular night lighting are hidden stories about the leading figures in Israel, the important places in history and the stories that have not been told – join us for a guided tour (7:30PM, in Hebrew)

Uri's Album – Uri, the most curious child in the park, has lost his family photo album – only the children can help him recreate the album by cracking puzzles and filling tasks throughout the park, and even winning prizes!

The park is located in Latrun-, just off the main Tel Aviv-Jerusalem highway, 20 minutes from Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.


For reservations and more info:

Mini Israel


+972 (1) 700-559-559
Email: info@minisrael.co.il